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Earth Day History

April 22nd is Earth Day, a nationally recognized day set aside to improve public awareness about the environment. Gaylord Nelson, a senator from Wisconsin, was an environmental activist and decided to move forward with the momentum gained in the early and mid-60's by The Wilderness Act, which was drafted to protect the 9 million acres of federal land.

Senator Nelson first approached President John F. Kennedy in 1962 about including environmental issues on a conservation tour. President Kennedy traveled to eleven different states over five days to share the message of preserving the environment in September of 1963. While it took until 1970 to have Earth Day officially recognized, it was a start.

Taking inspiration from the "teach-ins" in the 60's, where anti-war protestors had sit-ins on campus to share their views on the Vietnam War, he began having "teach-ins" for the environment as well. They announced the plans for an environmental movement in September of 1969 and the response was pouring in from all over the country. People sent letters, and telegrams and called Senator Nelson's offices for more information.

Denis Hayes was selected to organize the first Earth Day out of a donated office and with a few college students as staff. The grassroots movements across the United States led to nearly twenty million people celebrating Earth Day.

Earth Day's date is the same as Julius Sterling Morton's birthday, the founder of Arbor Day. Some think it was the inspiration for choosing April 22nd as Earth Day. While Arbor Day is still celebrated on April 22nd in Nebraska, it varies around the rest of the world. It is usually changed to fit in with the best planting time for the area. There are some organizations that promote Earth Day around the vernal equinox, around March 21st.

Earth Day has continued to grow over the years. Some cities have even started having Earth Weeks, which usually begin on April 16th and conclude on April 22nd. Earth Day is celebrated in 175 countries by more than a half billion people worldwide.

Create The Swimming Pool Of Your Dreams With Minimal Costs

The swimming pool has a lot of advantages that you can use for your home. Not only does it naturally cool you off on a hot summer day by just simply jumping into the water. But it can act as a highly effective design and decorative for your backyard. It will be important to keep nice and clean for aesthetic reasons. If your pool is on the verge of decaying, it will be advisable to try to turn it around and transform it into something beautiful.



Expect a lot of planning and brainstorming for your pool renovation before you get to execute your plans.. It will be important to get pegs of pool designs to help you get a clearer picture of what you want for yourself. Progress will be faster if you decide to hire a Phoenix Pool remodeling company who can guide you in bringing your ideas to life.

Pool Tiles: Pool tiles are a perfect cover up for the bare concrete walls that lay beneath it. Also, they have high aesthetic value, and they will look perfect for your backyard, giving it a beautiful view from your house. It will give you a different vibe once you get to your yard, which will be a nice way to relax and hang out with your friends and family.

Pool tiles are easy to handle, and you donít have to be picky about the type of ground it has to placed. All you need to make sure of is that the ground that you will put the tiles on will be flat and smooth. It can be placed on the bare ground, concrete, gravel, and almost any hard surface that is present in your backyard.

There is a lot to decide on when it comes to pool tiles. There are a lot of colors, styles, and patterns you can choose from. You can look for designers who have albums of the different styles that you can see and feel yourself.

Pool Paint: Another way to show of your poolside beauty is by picking the paint that you will paint over it. Not only will it give it style and accent to your pool, but some types of paint has special features to give your pool protection from decay and protection for yourself.

UV Protection Paint: Majority of the pools are outdoors, and will be exposed to the rays of the sun which can cause damage to the pool as the time progresses. With this kind of paint it can lessen the chances of damage to your pool.

Weather Protection: The rainy seasons can deal a lot of damage to your pool, now with this kind of paint you wonít have to worry so much now that there is protection against the different seasons.

Non-Slip: It is always a parentís fear to see their kids run around the pool fearing that the most can happen anytime. Now parents can relax as this paint can give more traction to your childrenís feet and prevent them from slipping while they are running.


Add Some Flavor And Style To Your Car With Vinyl Wraps†

People who have a passion for cars always find a way to improve their ride. They look into every detail of a car they can work with like wheels, interiors, rims, engine, and much more. Right now the latest craze that people have been into are vinyl wraps

Vinyl wraps have been booming recently because riders can precisely layout designs on the exteriors of their car using a unique technique that can transfer the design to your car accurately. A lot of auto shops have seen the potential and the boom that a majority of them have added vinyl wraps to their menu of services.



The entire process of vinyl wraps is a fast and complicated process, but figuring out the other factors can be difficult and is a crucial part of the process. You have to make sure that you are passionate about your design, that it is something that you can be proud. Also, you have to trust the people that will do the vinyl wraps for you. It is relatively expensive to get vinyl wraps applied to your car, that is why it is important to get it right in one try.

Design: To create an outline for your design is one of the simplest steps of the process. You can put the design on any piece of paper, as long as you are detailed as possible with the sketch. You have to make sure that you choose an experienced professional for this job because applying the design to the car will require some degree of skill. A car is an uneven object with a lot of curves and corners.

Materials: Materials are a crucial part of the process, and there are only two types of materials you can get in the market and that high or low quality. The quality of materials you will purchase will determine how the final design will look and also the shelf life. Higher quality materials mean increased aesthetics and longevity.

When getting high-quality materials, you do not have to go through the mainstream brands to obtain them because they high price points. There are some independent brands that offer high-quality material with generally low prices and those are the materials you should canvas for.

Proper Preparation: You can see this as a two part process. The first part will be done by yourself and the second part will be done by the technicians. You have to make sure that your car is in perfect condition exteriorly, meaning there are no bumps, scratches, and dents. These could cause complications during the process.

When you take it to the autoshop, the people there will actually go over every inch of your car and double check if it is in mint condition. They will then make sure it is completely dry and add a solution that will remove away and unwanted liquid or debris. The car has to be completely cleaned for the design to neatly placed on your cars exterior.


Get Your Plumbing Services From The most Reliable Team

Your residential plumbing can become a hectic problem and can leave you stressed and drained from all the internal issues. With getting the services of a Tempe plumbing company, they will be able to cater to all forms of plumbing services. This is from clogged drainage, loose faucets, and fixing of the internal water pipes. Always remember to have a plumber in mind when one of these things occur all of a sudden.

It is hard to distinguish a plumbing problem early on because the issues usually begin to happen internally, and it is hard to check that yourself. Plumbing services offer inspection, with this service they will be able to check deep inside the pipes to make sure everything is working well. They are the only ones who have the proper knowledge to know if there current issues in the pipeline or not, it is best to trust their profession.

Here are some of the thing plumbers look out for during inspection:

  • Floorings underneath appliances: it will be hard to check if the quality of your floors are of great quality when there is a heavy duty appliance that you have move. The plumbers have their way of checking the status without the heavy lifting.
  • Drain pipes: This is one of the most difficult issues that you can personally discover yourself. Plumbers have to dig in your yard until they reach the level of the pipes. They still have to go through the entire pipeline to make sure that there are no leaks or loose screws/
  • Bathroom Appliances: If your showers or heaters are not working as they used to and you canít figure out why. Then the plumbers can do a thorough check-up to check what specific problem is present in your appliances.
  • Outdoor hose: Sometimes when you do your gardening and your hoseís water strength is weak. It can be frustrating to do outdoor chores like gardening and washing your cars. It is the pressure of the water that can be the problem, or there might be holes in the hose line.
  • Water bills: There are a lot of times when you receive your bill and you get into a state of shock because the amount is so much higher than you expected. This can be frustrating because your water usage that you are aware of does not match the water bill you received. Plumbers are skilled enough that they can trace the problems back to its roots.
  • Rust Checking: Rust is one of the main reasons that can destroy your pipelines. Plumbers are aware of the indications that lead to rust build up, if you can cater to it early on, you can prevent it from forming and extend the shelf life of your water pipes.

Invest in hiring a plumber to maintain, inspect, and repair your appliances and pipes when you need it. It will be living an easier life when everything is put in order and working well. You also wonít have to spend extra money if you can take care of your plumbing carefully.






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