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Backyard Bunkers

Domineering the Playing Field

Whatever you choose to be your playing field to be able to win you have to make sure you out trick your opponents. It is not enough that you know how shoot but you also should know when to shoot. You would not also win by just having the best equipment for the paintball game because it is all about the right movements and greater tactics.

In almost any paintball game backyard bunkers are important factors for success. It is important to know where you ought to place yourself over the field. Having the best location will give you the opportunity to strike your enemy at the right time. Before you do, it is ideal that your opponents are not aware of your hidden presence and them fast to fire the first hit.

When playing for the first time, usually one hides over the paintball bunkers once an opponent spotted you. Being too focused on one enemy gives your other opponents upper hand to shoot you. Keeping a 360 degrees eye sight is one of the best defenses. Being aware that there are others that might get you will make you more vigilant with your actions.

Shooting your opponents endlessly just because you have spotted them is not ideal if you do not have any prepared tactics for it. Just standing among the bunkers for paintball and shooting is the common mistakes of a player. Because of your immobility other enemies can strike you so it is best to move around. It is good that you have spotted your opponent but your actions should be thought of carefully. The key to victory is tactics. Dashing towards the opponent with out him noticing you then bombarding him with paint balls is ideal. You should move carefully but hastily towards your enemy from one paintball bunker to another.

Through reflex when a paintball is coming towards you ducking is what you usually do. Then peeking at the same right spot could cost you your playing time. If you can not help but to peek again do it on another location. Once you have been spotted moving along will lessen the tension brought about by flying paintballs. However, peeking for the sake of letting the opponent think that you are still in the same location but really advancing towards him is better than to sate your peeking curiosity. Since the enemy is not aware of your hiding place you get to shoot him clearly because he is still distracted at your last bunkers location.

It is best to move around and familiarize yourself with the playing field to ensure your victory. It is not best to stay at one place too long but moving along will give you more dominance in the game. Train yourself to move vigilantly and to out wit your opponent. Create the best location for you to shoot an opponent at the right time with the ability to scurry on the playing field unnoticed. Not only will you ensure your victory but also producing your own tactics for the game.




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