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Bunker Hill

Practicing your Game Alone

Got nothing to do over the weekends? Everyone seems busy at the moment and you want to play paintball so much. It does not automatically mean if no one is available to play with you then can not play. Play paintball by yourself. This is so much like practicing your skills to be better at the next game. Practice makes perfect and that goes the same for paintball. To enhance your skills spending long hours at the playing field alone is the best answer. You need to work on your offensive techniques and defense using the bunker hill.

First you got to make sure that you are able to shoot your opponents properly once you have spotted them. Improving your shot is the key factor for your offense. You should be able to hit your target when shooting than firing at your opponents with out getting them hit because the latter gives away your location to target you. Shooting endlessly will help you improve your skill a bit but do not just stand and shoot. You must use the paintball bunkers as if you are in a real game. Imagine that you just have the shortest time to shoot your opponent and be aware that you might also get hit. Hide among the bunkers paintball relatively near at your opponent then aim and shoot. Hiding once you have fired your paintball gun and moving along is imperative.

The best players not only know how to shoot but also move with agility. It is a natural reaction to duck when paintballs are flying towards you. However, do not stay on same spot for too long. Once you have avoided the shots you should now be identifying how you are going to deliver your attack. Practice by moving along and thinking at the same time. Out witting your opponent will be a much better tactic than running towards him because you will be giving him a high chance to take you out also.

If you have hidden yourself safely behind the Coleman Paintball Bunkers but unfortunately was spotted you should run and avoid the incoming fire. However, if the situation got heated more than it should be and your other teammates are experiencing the same situation then doing the mad dash to glory might sound victorious not only to you but the rest of your members. Imagine that situation while being cornered to the bunkers for paintball and surprise yourself into mad dashing. There is a big difference between dashing to win and just dashing towards your enemy. Just running is not enough. Practice by running to a tree as your imaginary opponent and while doing so try not to run with the same direction. You must move side ways and frequently crouching to avoid shots and do not forget to shoot.

Anyone can be the best at their own interest. It just depends on the person on how to improve them. Practicing alone or even with your companions will surely get your skills on the top level. Just do not forget to have fun while you are at it.




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