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Bunkers for Paintball

Play Paintball Safely

Paintball is a sport of growing popularity. More and more players are drawn into it because of the fun and excitement that it brings. It is not only a game of mobility but of strategy as well. Although there are few recorded injuries in paintball compared with other sports, it is important to remind gamers especially those who are new to the game of the safety precautions to avoid injury.
Finding a good position and familiarizing how the Bunkers for Paintball are arranged in the field are not the only things that are important. Players have to remember some of the few things in order to make the game safer for everyone.

  1. Always wear your masks or goggles. Never remove your masks while the game is ongoing. Remember that even if you are out of sight, there is always a tendency for the splatter of paint to get into your eyes that may cause temporary or permanent blindness.
  2. Don’t be tempted to use huts or play houses as Paintball Bunkers. Homemade bunkers can be made of anything; it can be tires, mound of mud or a garbage can. Although they may seem like perfect, don’t include huts and playhouses. It is tempting for gamers to remove their goggles once inside these facilities thinking that they are safe. Although players can fight the urge to remove their goggles, it is still better to remove any kind of temptation in the field.
  3. Know what and who you are shooting at. Players have the tendency to shoot like crazy even if they are hidden. This can be very dangerous because you might shoot someone who you don’t mean to shoot like the referee or a player on his way out (who may have removed his goggles while walking). Make sure to peak from the Paintball Air Bunkers and verify where you’re aiming your rifle at.
  4. Give your opponent a chance to surrender especially when you come closer than 20 feet. Close range shots are more painful. Likewise, use velocity below three hundred feet per second. Paintball that runs faster can cause bruises.
  5. Be careful with your marker. Treat it as if it is always loaded. Never look down on its barrel. Keep it on safe whenever not in use and never point it on something you don’t intend to shoot. Keep in mind that the marker is only meant to be used when you are playing in the field. You have to be careful who you shoot as well. Don’t shoot someone who is not wearing masks or goggles even if they are behind some Bunkers in Paintball.

There is no serious threat in playing this sport if all the gamers do their part. That is to make sure they are wearing the safety gears properly and handling their markers carefully, taking into consideration other people including their opponents. It is not about shooting whenever they have the opportunity. Players should also look at their opponent and verify if they are wearing safety gears.
Paintball is a challenging sport and it can be more attractive and fun if players take safety precautions seriously.




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