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Bunkers in Paintball

The Snake Design Paintball Bunkers

People experienced in combat operations make good coaches for paintball teams competing in pricey paintball game competitions, like corporate paintball tournament games. A retired soldier will make a good coach for this purpose. He will likely advise his team to take full advantage of the Bunkers in Paintball of the snake design. While it will take a lot of effort and sweat for his team of paintball players, this is what the corporate executives need anyway, after their long meetings and strategic planning sessions. They need to exercise and sweat off the toxins in their tired bodies in the paintball games, before retiring for the day.

The paintball bunkers in the design of a snake is a long, low bunker advancing towards the opponents' position in snake-like fashion affording the users maximum protection from the observation and fire from the opposing paintball team. These types of bunkers are located in both sides at almost the length of the playing grounds. The trainer and the coach experienced in these games and in actual combat operations, will likely stand on top of these snake Paintball Air Bunkers, while shouting his instructions to his players when they conduct their final training before the competition.

The trainer will have his chance to handle his players, perhaps top ranking officers of the corporate entity holding the games, as if they were once again boy scouts or his soldier trainees in the training grounds. The top executives anyway like to play soldiers, agreeing to be training like real soldiers, if they hope to have a chance of winning against the opposing team.

It will be an interesting sight to watch the company's top executives reacting like new army recruits, as their trainer shout orders to them to hit the dirt and to do it right if they wish to survive the battle. The players of course know that paintball is a soldiering game, so they seek the safest of the bunkers for paintball that they can find, the snake design bunkers.

It will be an equally interesting sight to watch less physically conditioned executives among the players huffing and puffing as the crawl on the ground to advance against their "enemies" on the opposing team. Some may even be jokingly cursing why they did not do their morning jogs and calisthenics seriously before the actual paintball game, and instead indulged in much beer drinking.

The assistant to the Vice-President of the corporation will of course remind his boss now that they are in the battlefield to stick to his morning exercise regimen more religiously next time as the soldier's game that they always play call for top physical conditioning. They engage in this light banter while resting a little bit behind one of those Coleman Paintball aware that enemy fire can hit them anytime. 

The Vice President player of course will agree to his assistant’s suggestion of exercising more but disagrees that they have to stop drinking beer. He concludes that disallowing him his beer will be worse than dying on the paintball battlegrounds!




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