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Coleman Paintball

What Are Effective Paintball Bunkers?

If you are a planner assigned to set up a game of paintball, what kind of Coleman Paintball do you use to achieve maximum realism in the shooting game? How do they play the game, for the enjoyment of the players and the spectators?

Paintball is a war game for all ages, for the young and the not so young. The boy that remains in any man regardless of how old he is makes him want to play paintball anytime he gets a chance. The soldier instinct in any man makes the battle game of paintball very popular with the boys ever since that time that somebody invented it.

Paintball is a unique game played in school reunions, in regular conventions, and meetings of corporation to give their executives some relaxation and exercise from the lengthy planning sessions, and some other big groups meeting for a few days of the year.

Perhaps the originator of paintball was a soldier himself who knew the art of infantry fighting as a living in his service with the army before. Back then, fighting battles was a matter of survival of the soldier who had to do his shooting well to stay alive. Other wise, he would not have lived up to the time when he had to recall his days as a soldier and got the chance create the game of paintball out of his actual experience.

That is why the kinds and shapes of Paintball Bunkers positioned on the playing field vary. The inventor of paintball, suspected to have been a real soldier before his retirement from his calling of soldiering, had the advantage of experience to have the Paintball Air Bunkers made in various shapes.

That is why there are Bunkers in Paintball called a can (a large cylindrical bunker), a rollie (a can placed horizontally), a dorito,
a temple or Aztec, a brick paintball bunker, and so forth and so on, depending on the shape and size. The planners lay out these obstacles or bunkers in the playing field or "battleground" where the fighters take cover, so the “bullets” of the opponents will not hit them. While the bullets used are just paints squirted from canisters, you as a paintball player would not want getting a hit at all because the paint all over your face and body indicate that you are a dead man if real bullets were used in the shooting.

A player of paintball does his best by hiding behind the Bunkers for Paintball when he moves to advance against his enemies and opponents in the other team who may also be well ensconced in safety behind their own Bunkers Paintball.

Those who play the paintball game of course find various uses of the different Paintball Bunkers. Some use them from a standing position while shooting at their targets. Those hit and splashed with the paints realize that maybe they should have used those defense Paintball Accessories from the prone position, which can make them smaller targets for their opponents. They will remember that of course in the next round of the game they will play. 




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