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Paintball Air Bunkers

Paintball, a Game of Strategy

Paintball is a game of strategy. If you haven’t been winning, that is probably because you lack plans on how to take on the game. That’s all right if you don’t want to win. Now who would want to do that?

There are some key points that you can run through with your team mates. It could be your offensive moves or your line of defense. You can also come up with a good bunkering strategy and put the Paintball Air Bunkers to good use.

Here are some of the things you should remember to come up and execute paintball strategies.

  1. Always work as a team. Listen to your team captain and be aware of your role in a certain play. Make suggestions if you have better ideas. Keep in mind that you have to inform your teammates if you are going to make a move so that they can back you up. You wouldn’t want to be the first to walk out of the playing field, would you?
  2. Learn more about the opponent. Observe how they move around the Paintball Bunkers. In any game, always assess the strengths and weaknesses of the other team. Getting to know who you’re up against will help you device an applicable strategy.
  3. Let your team know what you can offer. If your team’s strategy requires someone to run fast and you can do that, let them know. Or if your captain asks you to do something and you are not confident that you can pull it off, let him know as well. He may have seen your potential and wants to help you develop it; or he could assign it to someone else.
  4. Move. It is easier for the other team to find you if you stay in one place. Follow your team strategy and move to different Bunkers. Move swiftly, you don’t want your opponents to know where you are hiding. Once you find a good position, look at the field, and execute your plan.
  5. Execute the plan accurately. Aim before you fire. Make few more fast shots because it is not at all times that the paintball break and leave a mark.

It is important that everyone in the team knows the plan. And if there are any changes, use signs to let the others know. Non-verbal communication is important in this game as well. Move as quietly as possible but let your teammates know where you are heading.

Make use of the Bunkers for Paintball. Move in order to properly execute your plans know how to shoot while you move from one position to another during an encounter. Drop on your stomach if you are being attacked and signal your team to help you out so that you can move to a better location. Take a good look at the field before you start shooting again.

Paintball is a game of skills. The gear that you use will keep you safe but it will not make you win. In order to achieve your goals, you have to come up with a good strategy; see how you can incorporate movement and the Bunkers Paintball to it.  Work with your team and go for the win.




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