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Paintball Bunkers

5 Important Rules in Paintball

Did you ever wonder how it’s like to run and fight for your life? Or how would it feel like to shoot somebody? Of course, you wouldn’t intend to kill someone. You just want to know how it feels like to have a gun on your hand and try to shoot someone. This is what’s great about paintball sports. It allows you to have that sense of excitement in a safe manner.
If you are familiar with the game, paintball bunkers and other gadgets may not be new to you. But if you are not yet familiar with it, the following rules may help in introducing you to the sport. The list below is more about determining who is out of the game and who decides on the issues arising from the game.

  1. The sports need at least one designated referee. Someone has to decide on the certain matters of the game. He marks its beginning and he makes the call for it to end as well. He uses a whistle to call the attention of the players. And has the final say on the resolution of issues arising from the game.
  2. All players should guard their lives. This is why there are bunkers in paintball available in the field – so that they can have something to use to protect them from a hit. The player is eliminated if he is hit by the paintball and it leaves a mark, paint. If it leaves a mark on his shirt or skin, he is out. It doesn’t matter who hits him. He is still out even if it’s his teammate that shot him accidentally.
  3. Players should keep in mind that they are still in the game if they got hit but the paintball did not break. He also stays in a game even if he gets splatter of paint coming from a nearby hit. For example, an opponent shoots at him and end up hitting the paintball air bunkers and he get paints on him because of the splatter, he is still in the game.
  4. The player is also out if he says he’s out or if he yells dead man. He cannot go back to the game even if he finds out that he was not really hit in the first place.
  5. There are also other rules that need to be predetermined by the opposing teams. They can decide on the length of the game’s time. They also have to set boundaries for the game. Any player who goes beyond the boundaries is out.

Each team has a captain. The captain gives final instruction to his team. He instructs how to use the different bunkers for paintball to their advantage. Al team members have to know their team’s strategy in order to be victorious. They also have to be aware of the existing and predetermined rules so that they won’t get eliminated.
Paintball is fun. You will finally feel the adrenalin rush of fighting for your life and for your team’s goal. Once you are in the field, you’d learn to appreciate the existence of the bunkers paintball to shield you from the pellets.




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